2017 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Farm Business Management Program
Before starting this application please carefully read the 2017 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Farm Business Management  Program - Information Brochure and the application process and eligibility guidelines below.

Please note:
1. You will be required to upload your resume in this online application so please have it ready prior to starting the application

2. You can not leave this online application and return at another time, you need to complete it once you've started and then submit.

3. You will receive a confirmation to your nominated email account upon successfully submitting your application online. Please keep this as a receipt of your application.


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Have you undertaken any professional development or business management courses/programs relevant to your business in the past 5 years? *

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Include course/program name, year and who funded the course e.g. a company, organisation or yourself
Explain your commitment to giving back to the dairy industry and how you plan to share your knowledge and experience after completing the program. *

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Please provide the name and contact details of two referees who can endorse your application

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I have read the 2017 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Farm Business Management Program – Information Brochure, application and eligibility guidelines as provided in this application form and to the best of my knowledge I am willing and eligible to apply for this program. *

These Scholarships are fully funded by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation and represent a significant investment in the People Development Portfolio. I agree that there will be reasonable requests asked of me to contribute back to the industry and to make every effort possible to attend the annual Australian Dairy Leadership Alumni (ADLA) Summit in December in Melbourne. *


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Gardiner Dairy Foundation  
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P. 03 8621 2900 or E. tim.roache@gardinerfoundation.com.au

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